Rain Rosidi

Rain Rosidi (born in Magelang, 1973) lives and works in Yogyakarta.

Rain is an art curator and lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. In 2000 worked as a manager and curator at GelaranBudaya, which is an alternative space that organizes art exhibitions and art discussion independently. In 2003 joined the residency program at the Queensland Art Management Art Gallery, Brisbane, and in the Asian Australian Art Centre, Sydney. Rain curated several art exhibitions, such as: Neo Iconoclasts, Magelang (2014), Geneng Street Art Project, Yogyakarta (2013), Future of Us, Yogyakarta (2012), Agro Pop Jogja, Yogyakarta (2011), Sensual Musical, a . Rouse, Kuala Lumpur (2011), Yogyakarta Art Scene, at Yogyakarta Art Festival (2011), Airport Radio Album Launching, France Cultural Centre, Yogyakarta (2010), Dark Saying, Yogyakarta (2010), How Art Lives, at Yogyakarta Art Festival (2010), Sensuous Object, Yogyakarta (2010), Indonesian Disjunction, Bali (2009), Utopia Negativa, Magelang (2008), JawaBaru (New Java), Jakarta (2008), Tenggara (South East), Liverpool (2008), Tasty Loops, Semarang (2007) , Lullaby, Yogyakarta (2007).