Jim Supangkat

Jim Supangkat full name Jim AbiyasaSupangkatSilaen. Born May 2, 1948 in Makassar, South Sulawesi is a lot of blood inherited the art from his uncle and grandfather. So it is natural that since childhood she has started painting and aspired to be a painter. Artistic life has indeed been felt since childhood. Moreover, his father was a collector of art. In 1975, Jim graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts art ITB, Bandung. In 1970 Jim became the initiator of Indonesian New Art Movement, which was followed by many artists of the period. The movement is a form of rebellion against the art of the period, which is considered likely to be an amateur.

Jim Supangkat is the artist who originally also works as a journalist. He even had occupied the post of Managing Editor of Tempo magazine. But her passion for art, making it ultimately prefers profession as an art critic and curator. In learning as a curator, Jim did a lot of trips abroad, including to a number of art museums in Japan. In the late 80's, Jim worked full as a critic and curator. He did curatorial practice independently, like many curators in Europe and the United States. Much has been written criticism and art books he has written. As a curator, he has been the curator for a lot of art exhibitions in Indonesia. Jim Supangkat known as hard workers. He also dared to fight for what he considered right.