Active as a curator and art critic, Hardiman view that the organization is a way to open up the network. "The network was very important we have made as early as possible. Because almost every profession requires a wide network. I can pursue a variety of activities is also due to a network of friends and access to various media. Well, where can we open these social networks? The answer is organization. So from that, I say, that the organization is important to the future of our support in the workplace. "Said the man who started his work as a curator since 2002. The views Hardiman is to ensure that, no doubt, the organization is able to lead us toward a better life.

Was born in Garut, West Java. Graduated from Department of Art Pedagogy, IKIP Pedagogy Institute (today's Indonesian Pedagogy University, UPI) in Bandung. Earned his master's degree from Cultural Studies, Udayana University, Bali. He is now doing his Ph.D in the Faculty of Literature and Arts, Ganesha Pedagogy University, Singaraja, Bali. He is managing editor of the Indonesian Journal of Cultural Studies, Udayana University, Bali. He contributes to the Indonesian Arts Magazine, Visual Arts. Writes about art for a number of mass media, for example Kompas,Gatra, and Media Indonesia. Works as an independent curator. The exhibitions that he has curated are, among others: Emotion (with Rizky A. Zaelani and Yusuf Susilo Hartono, Visual Arts magazine, at the Indonesian National Gallery); Cosmetic Culture (at Kendra Gallery, Bali); Indonesian Drawing Contemporary (with Asmudjo J. Irianto, Andi's Gallery at the Indonesian National Gallery); 54 Female Contemporary Artists "My Body" (Andi’s Gallery at Grand Indonesia); Polenk Rediasa's solo exhibition, "Body Exploration/Explotion" (with Edy Soetriono, V Art Gallery, at the Indonesian National Gallery); Alit Suaja's solo exhibition "Tenganan" (Indonesian National Gallery); Wayan Suja’s solo exhibition "Myth Beauty" (with Rizky A. Zaelani, Andi’s Gallery at the Indonesian National Gallery); Wayan Kun Adnyana's solo exhibition "Rare" (Mondecor Gallery), Made Supena’s solo exhibition "Geneology" (Jogya Gallery); exhibition of the Galang Kangin Group of Kuta (at Gaya Fusion, Ubud); Five Yogya Artists "Face and Mask" (Andi's Gallery, at the Jakarta Art District)