Erik Prasetya

Starting with street photography capturing with full consist by tens year. Erik Prasetya full time of being a free lance. Erik Prasetya born in Padang in 1958. In early 2011 he published a book of photography , aesthetics Banal , a monograph summarizes the picture recording for 20 years for his city.consistency and loyalty to the world of photography Erik started a small , precisely the time was 10 years old . At that time , his mother gave him Yasica Mat medium format camera , the camera will actually sold by their parents. Some of his perspective for what deputize in result a photo work always think straight through our box – less. His level of creativity work that reminding us for what we have done and before it. Throughout his career, Erik has worked as a commercial and news photographer, but he is best known and regarded for his journalistic documentary work, of which he personally describes its approach as Estetika Banal or ‘Banal Aesthetics’.