2 March - 16 March 2017
an Exhibition by REDBASE Foundation Kids Education Programs
Weekly Art Class & Forever Young Program Children

REDBASE Foundation proudly presents a kids exhibition titled Let Me Looking Through You, showing artworks from Education Program. This exhibition is coming from the creative process of REDBASE Foundation's regular program in SLB N Pembina Yogyakarta and Weekly Art Class at REDBASE Foundation. As a non-profit organization REDBASE Foundation has concerns on kids creativity which is embodied in Weekly Art Class and SLB Art Class Program.

Art Class at SLB N Pembina is an art class for kids with the special needs initiated by REDBASE Foundation and collaborate with SLB N Pembina, started on October 2016 and held every Tuesday after school for, more or less, 2 hours. Weekly Art Class is a free art class at REDBASE Foundation for the kids in Jurug Village, located around REDBASE Foundation area, started in February 2016, every Friday afternoon for, more or less, 2 hours. By support from the teachers (mentors), this study process expected will become a positive option to bring out the creativity from the kids in their free time after school time.