CEN.SOR (A.I.R Program)

10 November - 6 December 2016
Artist in Residency (A.I.R) Exhibition
Ari Bayuaji

In this residency program, Ari began to collect some old stamps, books and old magazine with some pictures of Indonesian women images. He also put together some notes written by his late mother who were an aerobic instructor almost in her entire adult life. Ari believe that those old notes and illustrations are part of the important archives of the history of Indonesian women development in our culture. It may represents style in fashion, education, and also life style. 

To create this project, Ari not only use paper as material, but also ready-made objects with wood and stone as drawing and painting medium. He creates strong images of women through distorted figurative sculptures rendered in layers of colors. This stylistic device adds to the images an impression of vulnerability, and at the same time, one of aggression. We are living in a society where still so many people still judge women by what they look or what they wear. Through this project, Ari want to portray one small aspect to this social reality. 

Ari Bayuaji was born in Indonesia in 1975. Moving permanently to Canada in 2005, he studied Fine Arts at Concordia University (2005-2010). Since 2009 he has been creating his artwork at his studios both in Montreal (Canada) and in Bali (Indonesia). In 2008, Ari Bayuaji received the Danfoss Art Award (bronze). In 2014, The Esplanade Theatre by The Bay in Singapore commissioned his installation, Silence. His latest solo exhibition was at Rene Blouin Gallery of Montreal in 2015 .