PRESENCE (A.I.R Program)

15 January - 15 February 2016
Artist in Residency (A.I.R) Exhibition
Michal Mitro

This exhibition is as the result of Mitro's recidence program in REDBASE Foundation. It meant to reinvent the relationship between artist, artwork and its audience. In the established mode of art production and art consumption it is artist who is given all the credits for the work. Yet we easily forget that without the public's appreciation, without every individual gallery visitor, the artwork has no actual existence and value.

MICHAL MITRO (1989, Slovakia) is a conceptual artist, composer and performer working across wide field of media. Coming from Social Science background he aims to doubt and discuss the status quo of the "naturally given", "normal", and "traditionally right". He focuses his attention on nuances of every day life that, granted their ordinariness and omnipresence, cease to attract any interest and critical thought and are widely but silently accepted. He, too, strives to diminish and ultimately defy the border between audience and artist/composer, to redefine the art making process and to work towards more inclusive, more accessible and more public art. Michal Mitro has been educating himself on various fields of art since 2010. After he graduated in Psychology and Sociology at Masaryk University, Czech Republic in 2013, he went on to study Sculpture and Sonic arts at University of Tasmania, Australia and later on Karawitan (traditional Indonesian music) at ISBI Bandung. Mitro has exhibited and performed internationally,mainly in Australia, Indonesia and on the Internet. His video art work has been presented mainly in Latin America, Spain and Czech Republic.