FRICTION (A.I.R Program)

29 June - 23 July
Exhibition A.I.R. (Artist In Residence)
Artist: ABSHAR PLATISZA (Bandung)

REDBASE Foundation Yogyakarta through A.I.R (Artist in Residence) Program presents the results of the two months artist residency in an exhibition entitle "FRICTION", by the Bandung-based artist Abshar Platisza.
The exhibition focuses on vernacular photography albums the artist found at second hand markets in Yogyakarta depicting daily life of people and activities. The stagnation of these activities from 1970s onwards led the artist to research and question the friction of the coexistence between people and Opak River, through new artistic explorations.
During the two-months residency at the Foundation venue, the artist explored the artistic dynamics of the city by visiting art spaces and learning bio-art techniques from HONFablab art collective, as well by researching vernacular photography at the Archive Council in Yogyakarta. Besides the research, the location of REDBASE Foundation in the village of Bangunharjo, Sewon Bantul, has led him to explore traditional surroundings that enforce the 'stagnant' daily activities of farmers (such as planting or plowing rice fields) a friction that questions time, realities and space.
Abshar Platisza was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1992 and has recently graduated in printmaking at ITB (Bandung-Indonesia) Faculty of Fine Arts. He has shown extensively in Indonesia and Singapore, as well participating in ARTJOG 2014. He was a finalist from SPOT ART 2013, and he is also the recipient of the prestigious Panorama Indonesia Finalist Award from the National Gallery, Jakarta - Indonesia.